Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Internet is in the heartland

Thanks to the weightage accorded to the eight top Indian cities by TAM and by NRS and IRS, a lot of us in the media space fail to see a world beyond these eight cities.
In the case of the Internet, considering the fact that “technology” plays such a big role, the presumption of dominance of usage in these eight cities continued.
Of course there are users beyond these eight. We all know that.
So what is Webdunia saying that’s new? Nothing.
But a picture says it better than a thousand words or spreadsheets.
59% of Internet users are from towns and cities that are just dots on the map.
And the 59% will grow.
Chew on that.
And why am I surprised? Take a look at the Clustrmaps on this page, and there are readers from dots across the world. Dots I can't name.

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Floating Dreams said...

The only problem is internet speeds. At Asansol and Dhanbad people can only surf and not post. They cant use the net for e-mail. But all that will change, I know but I have been seeing this for the last 2 years. May be it will continue for another 2-5 years. Bandwidth is a problem.