Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Watch that cigarette

A little over two years ago, I (a Hindu) had a heart attack, which doctors, family and friends quickly attributed to my smoking. I refused to buy it, and decided that it was probably stress and poor food habits.
And I (continue to, as of this morning) live happily ever after.
Two months ago, my brother (a Hindu who converted to Christianity) got rushed to hospital, and ended up with a pacemaker fitted. He’s currently on the path to recovery.
Saturday morning, I went to Kolkata to catch up with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in years. His driver, (a Muslim) whom I’ve known since the early 1970s, was on sick leave – recuperating from a bypass.
Yesterday, a close friend (a Syrian Christian) had an angiograph done, and, subsequently, an angioplasty.
Four men, living all over the world, with diverse religious beliefs, with diverse eating habits, in very different professions.

Only one common thread: the cigarette.


Vi said...

I hope that has proved to be enough of a motivation to quit.

Manosh said...

Have you kicked the butt, yet?

Anant Rangaswami said...

Vi and Manosh,

No I haven't. But I am determined to, in the next few days -- and am building up will power.
Will keep you updated.