Saturday, June 02, 2007

Empty seats in sport = cricket

I've written about this before.
The problem with cricket, as evidenced by the collapse of the World Cup after India got knocked out early, is that there are not enough viewers outside of India.
Viewers who receive brand messages and buy products and services.
And there are not enough fans. Fanatics with undying loyalty to the team -- which will cause them to buy products that the team's sponsors manufacture.
And if cricket continues in its current form, brand money will look at other sports.
The following, an extract from an article in The Sun on last night's friendly between England and Brazil, is most telling:
"Terry had called on the fans to help make the new Wembley a fortress.
But the prawn sandwich brigade will have to get their act together for the important qualifiers later in the year.
When the second half began, there were swathes of empty seats behind the dugouts, as the corporate crew tucked into their champers and finger food. This will not do. What do they think this is? Test match cricket?"

How the mighty have fallen. This is how one talks about cricket in England.

And on another note, what a superb headline in The Sun, drawing attention to David Beckham's return to International football and his role in the 1-1 draw:

"It's Beck to the future", screams the banner.

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Philip said...

Cricket has lost it yaar. It will never regain the viewership that it once commanded earlier ever again. Main reason is that in this days of instant food, people got no time to sit 8 hours to watch even a one day match. Forget about test matches.

Also the days when the only channel available in India was DD is over. The main reason why cricket is so popular is because the people in general had no other choice.

Today, there are 100 channels beaming soccer, F1, Tennis, even golf. Cricket has lost it. 10 years down the line, cricket in India will be similar to what hockey is today.

Iam actually happy for the other games now.