Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Steve Jobs eases pressure on advertising sales teams

As anyone who has more than two release orders in his (or her) career selling time and/or space will tell you, success depends only so much on TRPs and NRS figures -- relationships between the buyer and the seller play a significant role.
And these relationships are nurtured at every opportunity, through that wonderful Indian tradition of gifting.

And this is the end of June, and Diwali looms large, and marketing geniuses at media houses are struggling with solutions to the question: what do we give decision makers this Diwali?

And Steve Jobs answers: an iPhone, you twits.


Robin said...

What a great way of saying 'i would like to have an 'iphone' as a gift this Diwali'.. :)


Anant Rangaswami said...

Dear Robin,

I'm technologically challenged, and am largely intimidated by any function of the mobile phone other than speech and SMS.

But my daughter might like one, though...

Phish said...

so would i. especially since mine got wet.

Phish said...

an edit to the above post. the iPhone will only be available with cingular (US) in the first phase. making it as useful as a fancy brick nee paperweight to us. an asian gsm launch is scheduled only in early 2008. till then there are enough software available for free downloads that can make your symbian OS based phone look like an iPhone. and there have been over a million hits on these websites from India alone.