Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter: the end is the beginning

On July 21st, a few million kids worldwide will buy a copy of the new Harry Potter, and a few million parents will buy a copy of the new Harry Potter for their few million kids.

And the sum total of these few million will become more than a few million, and these more than a few million owners will read the new Harry Potter back to front immediately after having a copy in their possession.

Because the first level of cool will be the ownership of the book.
The second level will be the knowledge of the ending.

And the second coolness will be achieved only by reading the book back to front.

And don’t be surprised if you quiz a few people who claim to have read the book in a few hours and none of them knows how the book began.


Aparna Ray said...

Cool idea! I think I am going to quiz a few will read only the beginning :D

Anant Rangaswami said...


Good to see you here. Love your newsmericks!

Jhoomur Bose said...

Hello Anant,
Since you ripped the Rajini post apart -- insincere and all that (smiles) -- what's your take on this?
Wrote a spoof -> critique is welcome.

Anant Rangaswami said...


Read your spoof -- and it is a long one. The trouble is, I have not read a single Harry Potter -- so I do not have a context in which to understand the "spoofing".

Must mention, I would have read your piece anyway and it was an enjoyable read.

Don't want to critique anything. I read, I like, I dislike, I write. Hopefully, with no malice.

J. Bo said...

Hello Anant
will you have time to spare for this?