Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cricket: If you plan on an ambush, check out the laws

Last week, my son and I went to watch the New Zealand-Sri Lanka ICC Champions Trophy match at the CCI (we got comps). Having read the terms and conditions printed on the reverse of the ticket carefully, we did not carry mobile phones, bags, glass bottles, mirrors, jholas, knives or weapons – all disallowed by the BCCI Champions Trophy 06 Organising committee, made clear in instruction number 2.
But this post is not about instruction 2, but instruction 11, which reads:
“Ambush Marketing in any form is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the Stadium as per the AIP (Anti Infringement Policy).”
A few days earlier, Ricky Ponting was investigated under the same AIP (details at when he spoke at an event hosted by ING Vysya. (He was subsequently cleared, as the story will tell you).
Yesterday, at lunch with a friend who is a brand custodian, the biryani was interrupted by calls on the legality of a promotion that they proposed to carry out involving the Champions Trophy – of which they are not official sponsors.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that there is not enough knowledge in advertising agencies, media buying houses and with brand managers on the mechanics on ambush marketing, and on the specific laws and implications when it comes to use and misuse during the ICC Champions Trophy and the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Might be a good idea to get up to speed (not the Malcolm kind).
Or find your A&M budget going to lawyers and the ICC.

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