Monday, October 23, 2006

Netting the News Junkie

While advertisers are focused on the NRS and ABC figures of the major newspapers and news magazines and on the TRPs of the major English news channels, there’s a quiet battle in progress in the net space. While clearly is yet to get their Internet act together, and are furiously competing for clicks.
A cursory look at the graph reproduced here doesn’t require one to be a statistics graduate to zoom in on the amazing parallel curves produced by the traffic ranks as measured by
While TV18 has a visible and in-your-face internet strategy with the announcement and launch of Web18, there’s no such buzz on NDTV’s net gameplan – but the consistent gap between and suggests that someone at NDTV is doing something right.
Two news television channels attracting major traffic on their internet sites. Both, intriguingly, are outdoing newspaper websites including and
And, for good measure,
Is it time to dilute our fascination with tracking readers and viewers in the news space and focus, just that little bit, on the battle for the surfers?

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Kufta Kabana Manana said...

Yawn...who votes at TV polls anyway? Must be just the news channel employees who are sms-ing. It figures that they don show no figures.