Sunday, October 22, 2006


Because media and advertising fascinate me.
Because just when I think I've found the answer to a vexing question, I'm proven wrong.
Because media and advertising have grown exponentially in India in the past five years and there isn't enough healthy debate on these two industries.
Because media is media and advertising is advertising -- but the twain do meet.
Because both media and advertising affect the lives of each one of us, and everything that they do has implications on the economy, on society, on the rich and the poor, on Budhia the wunderkind and Ratan Tata.
Because we have a million questions that we NEED answers to, some of them in the public domain and some of them not. Some of them sublime, and some of them ridiculous. Like...

  • Are sting operations justified?
  • Does the DTH policy of all operators having similar content make any sense?
  • Should FDI be allowed in newspapers?
  • Is ABC relevant anymore?
  • Do we need a third awards for judging advertising creativity?
  • When is a scam ad a scam ad?
  • Do news television anchors HAVE TO SHOUT SO LOUD?
  • When is breaking news breaking news and when is exclusive exclusive?
  • Can the current margins in media buying continue?
  • Why do eminent guests on news TV programmes put up with rudeness from anchors?

One could go on and on. I will. And hopefully, so will a number of those who choose to visit the blog.

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