Thursday, August 30, 2007

Winsome loses some, wins lots

A model claims that she's been the victim of online fraud to the tune of Rs. 21,568.
That's not a lot of money to merit long articles in The Times of India and DNA (two newspapers I saw reports in).
The article is propped up by a photo of the model, Ankeeta Mukherjee. Obviously one from her portfolio. Does her a world of good.
And I spoke to a media planner friend, Poojary at TBWA, and asked him how much the space would have cost Ankeeta had she bought it.
If it appeared only in The Times of India's Mumbai edition, Ankeeta's gain is Rs. 2,97,840. If the story has been carried by all editions, she's gained Rs. 6,12,000.
And that's only The Times of India.
Not a bad loss, the twenty odd thousand. And Ankeeta's PR consultant has earned his beer.

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Anonymous said...

Proves that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Well done for finding a cheaper way of advertising :-) in TOI