Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When is a story a story?

When a Telugu filmstar turns 52, as CNN IBN feels?
Is it ever a story when someone turns 52?
In case the channel runs out of stories, here’s some help.
Bill Gates turns 52 this year as well. As does Indra Nooyi.
As do a few million other people.
And if you’re really in a fix, try people who turn 53. Or 51.

Or, for chrissakes, just pick a number!


Amish Vajpayee said...

this is an age of intellectual bankrupcy..simply because intelligence, mostly, doesnt sell..they wont wait till rakhi sawant turn 53 0r 52 or even till her next b'day..she's a news everytime she opens her goddamn mouth.

Full2njoy said...

felt the same when rajnikanth n his sivaji was covered incessantly in cnn-ibn

Gauri Gharpure said...

:D watching news is another comic routine these days... and it gives way to 'bang the head on the door' impulse merely 10 minutes after there's no innovation to generate more laughs from the news chief's side... same VOs and same visuals repeated again and again behind a pseudo urgent voice of the anchor... uggh.. lovely little post