Friday, August 17, 2007

Depends on what "only" means to you

I always knew that Nokia was big. I always knew that they sold lots of phones.
But it took their battery recall for me to understand just how big they are.

As Nokia says in their "recall" ad (part of which is reproduced above), there are "only" 46 million batteries affected.

I love seeing a word like "only" next to a number like "46 million".
Especially since 46 million = the populations of Mumbai + New Delhi + Kolkata + Chennai + Bangalore.

That's a lot of batteries.


Amish Vajpayee said...

Oh great, so you noticed it too..and there are others i know who did the same..i guess they are doing it deliberately..leading us into thinking what we all thought, (has JWT hired some new kid recently)...this battery episode hasn't generated much bad word for nokia in india, at NYSE it suffered 2pp, and flat in a couple of days...true, at fault were matsushita n they did suffer 5 pp crash at the Tokyo stock exch. Nokia did manage this nicely...this got me into thinking..Is Indian consumer really so informed that he understands that battery manufacturing is not nokia's business, or is that nokia risked its name in india going in line with its international policy. did it give a boost to nokia's image as a transparent and responsible this kind of consumer involvement good for nokia, did they know it beforehand...this is a peculiar case study...

dharmabum said...

i noticed this too, specially coz i was hoping to get a battery replacement free of cost, but was disappointed.

interesting blog :)

sandrabullock said...

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