Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brand Equity now Bekaar

This comment, calling the Nike commercial Bekaar in this morning's Brand Equity

"Brand: Nike

Maybe it’s the length of the commercial that got to our panel. Sitting through a two-minute gully cricket match to find out that it only sells a shoe is too much for them to bear."

Maybe it’s the quality of the comment that got to me. Sifting through a four page newspaper on advertising, marketing and media that so many of us respect calling the commercial a “two minute gully cricket match” and Nike “ a shoe” is too much for me to bear.

Perhaps Brand Equity has become only a supplement.


ViSh said...

Completely agree.

But who knows, maybe they were watching the match outside their window. And spotted a shoe.

On the other hand, however cliched, predictable and silly a kid-and-mom' ad may be, it will always be 'in fashion' for BE.

Deepti said...

Anant, I couldn't agree with you more. This is the 19000485th time in the last year or so that Brand Equity has proved that it is nothing but a suppliment with glossy colourful advertisememts in it.

Trilokjit said...

The comment left me perplexed. The Nike commercial, I think, is one of the finest pieces of advertising that our country has produced recently. Both the idea and the execution is world class, and yet Indian, and yet nike.

And yet, we have a self-appointed, fatuous, nincompoop who has imposed his frustrations on a generation of youngsters.

I think it is a good thing. No one will take BE seriously anymore. It has finally accepted the 'trash' label that it has been accused of in the past.

I am so happy.