Friday, March 09, 2007

Times of India’s Front Page Dupleix

There’s new jargon that will creep into the media buyer’s handbook: the Front Page Dupleix.
I open the paper this morning, and the front page looks a little weird – almost like I’m looking at a person with a funny growth on his forehead.

I refocus and figure out why. There are TWO ads on the bottom half of the paper.
And I’d bet many a beer to say that the Canon ad has a release order that says Front Page Solus where the position is mentioned.

And I thought solus meant all alone, only one.


Vishakha said...

And I thought you would write on "Death of the Solus". I am surprised how did the design team agree to this or is this setting up a new trend? Is it just the beginning of only half page front news from now on? In that case, let Solus be Solus, let Premium be Premium, and let Design be appealing, please.

Anant Rangaswami said...

I'm not too worried about how the design team agreed -- I'm shocked at how the edit team agreed.