Friday, March 02, 2007

Print and the budget: no reason to exist

The Economic Times advertises that their print run on March 1 is double their normal weekday print run, due, obviously, to the budget coverage.
Every other paper (pink or otherwise) consumes precious newsprint in trying to outdo the others with their budget coverage.
Yesterday, I blogged about the lack of other news in the newspapers and on TV, and the infuriation seemed to be obvious.
In calmness, last night, I understood why I was so piqued.
Because all the news in the newspapers on March 1 was stale. I’d watched the budget on TV, the comments on TV, the debates on TV, I’d read the budget speech on the net, seen comments on the net, and so on.

What could the paper give me that I didn’t already possess?

Is this the beginning of the end of the Budget special newspapers?

I think it is. We’ll know next year.

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