Monday, May 07, 2007

Airbus PR takes off, then crashlands

Airbus manufactures the largest ever commercial aircraft.

They take journos on a junket, and New Delhi is one of the first stops of this juggernaut in Asia.

Every single news TV channel worth a cable feed covers the gig extensively, taking viewers on a guided tour of the tech marvel. Viewers are shown the plush interiors, the bar with the mood controls, the extra passenger comfort, the "greenness" of the aircraft.

Great PR, as only an Airbus or a Boeing could pull off.

Last night, an aircraft manufactured by Airbus' largest competitor, Boeing, is feared to have crashed somewhere in the Cameroons.

This morning, The Hindustan Times (Mumbai edition) sees both the launch of the new Airbus and the crash of the Boeing as being of more or less equal interest to their readers, and the evenhandedness shows in the layout of the front page reproduced here.

Will Airbus be happy? Will Boeing?
Could someone at HT have asked himself these questions?


Anonymous said...

Wondering how come TOI too covered it, inspite of having Medianet?? Would be interesting to know what happenned at the newsroom.

Anonymous said...

Junket = Free First Class Ticket = bottle/(s) of champagne = luxury suite in 5 star acco >= medianet, hence!

In any case, the reality is neither Airbus nor Boieng should be happy...plane crash is and should be both' concern in any case hope the PR agency has been retained!