Monday, May 07, 2007

Will ex-Response get response?

Interesting party that one heard of.
Come the 11th of May, a gathering of former professionals from The Times of India's ad sales arm, Response, will meet at Mumbai's Seijo and the Soul Dish.

What's on the agenda, other than a decent piss up? I have no clue.
Will Pradeep Guha attend? Will G Krishnan? Will Kanta Advani? I have no clue.

But if you make a list of ex-Response staffers across the country, it would make a who's who of the ad sales professionals in the country.

And that makes the possibilities of the party, and of the agenda (if any) interesting.


Pramod said...

We are pretty confident that it will rock...all are excited and more that 100 confirmations are already in.And mind you, we still have four days to go...

Charusadvertising said...

Hey this party is great news....hats off to whoever thought of it.....see how i look at it is

quite a lot is a large no...!

quite a few is a large no too...!

so i am sure this one will definately rock....looking forward to seeing the


Anonymous said...

i wonder why anyone is thinking of an agenda or otherwise.. life is sure complicated but why read between every line which you see.. its a party man ,, and meeting up with your colleagues , is always fun isnt it . so just chill and envy the rest if you havent been called yet !! and yes the piss up not sure , always thought you piss down ! cheers to the 11th !

3inone said...

and now that it is over, won't there be an update on the who's who?

Anant Rangaswami said...

Yes, there will. Tomorrow.

and btw, neat blog!