Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Understanding toy market is no child's play

Bryan Stockton, Exec VP International, Mattel, quoted in this morning's Brand Equity:

"Interestingly enough, as parents are waiting to have children until they are a little older, there is more disposable income to spend on their children and we are seeing the benefit across the industry. In addition, grandparents are playing an increased role in toys as they are actually younger than the generations before them, and have more disposable income to spend on toys."

Therefore, older parents + younger grandparents is the magic formula.

That's great news for today.

However, this also means that the future is not too bright for toys, as the propensity to delay having children that the current generation seems to have will create older next gen grandparents.

One day, I will understand consumers and marketing. And research.

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