Monday, January 01, 2007

Of December, of drinking, of dildos and of dining tables

It’s been a while since I blogged, and since I reject all my own excuses, I won’t bore you with them.
But tis December, the month of the season to be jolly, and I’ve done my fair share of drinking.
But not driving.
Which brings be to dildos. An anonymous post calls me a dildo in reaction to my earlier post on Alistair Pereira.
And, dear anonymous reader, I wouldn’t have minded being called the real thing, but a dildo is a substitute. Which I am not. Of anything.
And this December, I substituted my residence. The earlier one was semi-furnished, and had a dining table. At which I did all kinds of useless things, including blogging.
And the new flat is also semi-furnished, but it does not have a dining table. So I have struggled to do all the useless things that I did at the dining table that I did not own.
Will have a dining table soon. However, the blogging resumes, as I have now acquired the art of using my laptop on a bed-top.
And while serious posting starts on the morrow, here’s wishing all of you a great new year, with health, wealth and happiness in ratios and in the order that each of you needs or prefers.
And, that includes you, the anonymous name-caller.
Dildo. That hurt.


Aparna Ray said...
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Aparna Ray said...

I can see it says 'talking dildo' - now surely that is something new?

Happy New Year!