Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Importance of being Peter Mukerjea

“Silence is often misinterpreted but never misquoted”, says the weekly dose of wisdom on the walls of a church in Bandra.
STAR’s silence on Peter Mukerjea’s status is misinterpreted by all and sundry, and the silence foxes me.
It’s been over a year since rumours surfaced on Peter’s joining a rival network. Some of the rumours made their way to the press, most often met by a stony silence from STAR, from Peter, and from the network Peter was rumoured to be in discussions with.
And, every now and then, as the decibel levels of the rumours increased, Peter would talk to the press and insist he was staying with STAR.
Three months later, the rumour mills would grind again, greeted with the same initial stony silence, and, a couple of months later, by a Peter Mukerjea “I’m still here” kind of statement.
It cannot be easy for those at the top at STAR India to wonder if Peter is there to stay or moving on to greener or other pastures. It cannot be easy for STAR’s corporate communication department to handle the press with the Peter question being raised every couple of days.
I cannot remember another instance where the fate of a CEO is discussed and debated in the public domain with little or no clarity being offered by the company in question.
And what intrigues me more: don’t NewsCorp's shareholders want that clarity considering STAR is one of their projected future cash cows?

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kalyan Kar said...

Bang on! The media -- mainline or niche -- has never done a great job of handling talent.

As for STAR, excess talent is a fertile ground for palace intrigues, contrary to your assertion.

Waiting for an update from you.