Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rupert Murdoch to start Bagel shop

Why is that so impossible to believe? The Economic Times authoritatively states that Peter Mukerjea HAS quit STAR and WILL join INX Global, a recruitment firm run by his wife, Indrani, as Chairman.

So why can’t Murdoch launch a bagel shop when he’s tired of the media business?

The long and the short of what prompted Sonali Krishna to collate 400 cc of rumour and history is one simple truth: there’s not a kilobyte of information coming out of STAR TV – India or Hong Kong. And each newspaper is outdoing the other in the rumours stakes, and embellishments such as Mukerjea’s future occupation are the differentiators.

Jeez, this is THE ECONOMIC TIMES, and you can’t report that “revenues fell over the last two years, by as much as 35-42%”.

35 to 42 per cent? Which is it closer to, Sonali? 35? Or 42? The difference IS in millions of dollars.

There’s only one way reports like this will come to an end: when STAR makes an official announcement.

Which, according to Sonali’s informed and unnamed sources, will happen on Wednesday.

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Akash Dongre said...

Dude - Isn't that what happened?

Authoritative and unnamed yes - correct information though for sure.

So....Jeeez thia is the Economic Times and they managed to get the story so right.

Rest my case.