Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Superbrands at super discounts

Loved this one.
Superbrands: An insight into 101 of India’s strongest brands, is reportedly selling at a discounted price of Rs. 295 as opposed to the cover price of Rs. 2500, according to this morning’s Mid-Day.
Wonder what the brands featured in this book will make of the price cut.

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Deepti said...

Hah! Fantabulous!
Kudos to Anmol Dar and the Superbrands team for making the book availaible to people other than the super-rich. I'm sure the brands will approve, considering that most of them are probably targetted at SEC D,E, and F anyway; afterall, I can't think of any REAL brands worth their salt who'd want to shell out upwards of 5-hundred-grand just so they can slap the 'Superbrands' logo on to all their communication, can you?