Sunday, January 14, 2007

Karan Thapar loses temper -- and viewers?

Was just watching Karan Thapar grill Sitaram Yechury on Devil’s Advocate on CNN IBN. Neither wants to hear what the other is saying, and the viewer is no wiser on the land acquisition issues of West Bengal after the program than before it.
And Thapar announces a break, saying “we’ll be back when tempers have cooled on both sides,” or words to such effect.
Anchors losing their tempers on news television programs? That’s a new one.
I’ve been watching the program regularly. One observation. Thapar’s growing in popularity. And rudeness.
And if the rudeness continues, I wonder if he will continue to get guests for the program. It’s getting to a stage where the interviewee can never be right, only Thapar’s preconceived positions can.
That’s not just bad television, its irresponsible television. I watch programs such as Devil's Advocate to be better informed on an issue, not to be led to a point that the anchor has decided to take me to. Am I alone? I doubt it.

If you ask me, Yechury won this one hands down.


Anushree said...

I remember this one Q&A that Aaj Tak did with popular actress Mallika Sherawat, in which they just stopped short of throwing stones at her.
The only thing that comes to mind is a popular song by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – Treat her like a lady.
I mean, if you guys thought her important enough to invite her as a guest, at least accord her a certain amount of respect. Why take away all semblance of dignity (from an interview) and embarrass not just the guest, but also the hundreds who are witnessing it.
Watched Arnab Goswami frothing many-times over on Times Now, and always wondered if he’s taking the crusader’s role too far.
Anyway, who am I to comment? Still a small fry in a large ocean (of crabs.)

siva said...

You are not alone....his arrogance knows no bounds....the viewers need to know answers to the questions, not just the questions. He should better allow the guests to speak. said...

i think u r alone!!! Karan poses questions which people needs answers for. An interview turning out to be a debate is a positive thing where a celebrity is grilled to such extent that he/she loses temper only he/she fails to find words for defense. Karan has the guts to grill any damn celebrity who thinks that they can fool people by speaking crap. He speaks on behalf of common public and that what India needs now. No wonder why he has been awarded the 'best current affairs presenter' in "Asia". Karan rocks! anytime !

Anonymous said...

Thapar is an intellectual person.He knows who is responsible for whatever bad is happening in India.Thats y u will always see him pointing towards the guests mistakes during every interview.He himself feel that he should do sth from his side.Watch his interveiw with Narendra Modi.I know I may be bit biased but I really want Journalists or Interviewer like him.he realised Modi taht he has done sth wrong..
Thanks & Regards

Gautam Sishta said...

I agree completely with Anant and Anushree. And say what you want about the left their politburo members sure have a huge store of patience!

Anonymous said...

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