Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bangalore Bangalored!

Now that Bangalore no longer exists and shall henceforth be called Bengaluru , (Update: I screwed up; it's Bengalooru) one started thinking of the many people who will go through life changing experiences or incredible stresses.
As has happened with Kolkata and Chennai, Indians will take their time adapting. For example, I still say Calcutta (when I talk in English, I say Kolkata when I speak Bengali). However, the following will go through a little bit of hell:
Google Maps employees: They will have to change all references to Bangalore to Bengalooru and Tumkur to whatever and Mysore to whatever (Bangalore is not the only city or town in Karnataka to go through this name change biz).
Reuters, PTI, AFP, and other news agencies: They will have to change their datelines, or their local journalists will go through hell from local bigots.
All corporates based in Bengaluru: Their Corporate Identity will have to be redone, again under threat from trouble makers.
Airlines and Railways: Their schedules will have to reflect the change, so will their ticketing software, baggage tags, etc.

That’s enough. Any moron could make a similar list, and more.
But the biggest problem? Journalists and pink slipped workers abroad will no longer be able to use the phrase Bangalored.


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preeta said...

it is 2 in the morning and i am still up reading! but the who came first? the chicken or... :)