Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bengalooru will remain just as beany

Every publication in India has written about the transformation of Bangalore to Bengalooru, including pigsandwings, which blogged about Bangalore being Bangalored here and here.
And I’ve read a lot of the articles. The most delightful read, not surprisingly, is from The Economist. An excerpt:

“First, the changes, which are nearly always politically inspired, often seem to annoy the locals as much as anyone else. Many Indians, surprised to be told their place names were inappropriate, still talk about Bombay and Calcutta as though nothing had changed.”

And the gem is in the closure of the edit: “A city of beans by any other name will smell as sweet, or beany.”

Read the whole article here. It’s free, and worth a helluva lot more than a click.

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