Friday, November 17, 2006

CNN’s India focus: Depth, width, numbers and polls

It’s not often that one sees American media products focusing on India, and the special on our country is a refreshing departure.
It’s not a skim-the-surface kind of magazine – it’s surprisingly almost Economist-ish in the width and depth.

The special, Eye on India, is a curious collection of features and ranges in timeline from the very recent to the not-so-recent. The list of stories below is only indicative of all that is on the microsite, but I thought I’d put it there to save you one click.

There’s a poll on the page, too. Asking visitors whether they thought India and Pakistan would ever solve the Kashmir issue. Out of 7000 votes cast when I visited the page, more than 60% thought that the problem was here to stay.

My favourite feature? The one on the dance bar girls.

Helping hand for rural women
'Imitate' gives way to 'innovate'
The new faces of outsourcing
India and China: Rivals or partners?
A eunuch's tale from the slums
Unlikely hero for unclaimed bodies
India takes stage as global player
Bar dance girls on the march
India's energy appetite balloons

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