Friday, November 24, 2006

Why the Indian cricket team still rocks

Cape Verde Islands.

What’s common to the abovementioned countries?

They’re four of 147 countries ranked higher than India according to the just published FIFA rankings. Yup, you read that right. 147 countries ahead of my motherland.

And It’ll be a snowy day in Chennai before we see India qualify for a football World Cup.
That’s why I’m not despondent that Kallis scored more than the entire Indian team in the last one day match. We’re still in the top eight at cricket. And we move up for a few months to 2 or 3, and slide back to 6 or 7 at worst.
And that's why Indians watch soccer on TV when India is not playing, and cricket only when India is playing.

Beat that, Baichung!


Phish said...
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Phish said...

Football has caught on feverishly in the last few years. Though that just might appear to be an urban phenom, you'd be surprised at how many people from Baroda, Kota, Asansol, Trivandrum and Raipur follow European football.

Cricket has lost out. Even when India is playing. The current team fails to evoke any emotion (good or bad). The only comparison that I can draw is an erstwhile women's softball team in the mid 50's in the US. They say, even them girls were ferocious and unbeatable a certain time of the month. We are just 15 ugly toffs with delusions of grandeur.