Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ram Jethmalani: Interviewee #1

If you missed the interview of Ram Jethmalani by Sagarika Ghose on CNN IBN, you missed one helluva show.
To my mind, it was the ONLY instance in the recent past (the past five years) of an interviewee refusing to be cowed down by the interviewer.
To Ghose’s credit, she has aired the show without editing parts that might be interpreted as being unkind to her – even when he called her a “chip (sic) of a girl”. Especially since she has all the powers to use the scissors (or the delete button in these modern times) whenever and wherever she feels like.
Ram Jethmalani’s ire was caused by the trial by media of his client, Manu Sharma; by their pronouncing Sharma guilty and prejudicing the opinion of the public at large, of the judiciary – without their knowing enough of the law. Ghose was, for once, at the interrupted, rather than the interrupting, end.
Jethmalani had the first word. And the last word. He had all the words, in fact.
The inapt caption on the static photograph (Jethmalani, with Manu Sharma in the background) behind the anchor perhaps justifies Jethmalani’s unhappiness with the media. It wasn’t even original – and CNN IBN borrowed the name from another show on their own channel.
They called it Devil’s Advocate.
Tsk, Tsk.

Or Ram Jethmalani: Actor #1?
There’s a cynic in me that asks the question. Because of a number of other questions. Why did Jethmalani agree to the interview when he could so easily have refused? Why didn’t he walk out of the studio when he got irked beyond a point (if the interview was at a studio)? Why didn’t he throw Ghose out of his house (which I think it was) when she repeatedly referred to his family disagreeing with his decision to defend Sharma?
Why? Why? Why?
The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. Including, whether pigs have wings.

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