Thursday, November 16, 2006

Getting future ready: agencyfaqs and Hindustan Times get comment enabled

One medium on the Internet, and the other, a print publication. becomes a virtual blog, with the reader now having the power to post comments or read others’ comments without leaving the article. If agencyfaqs readers do embrace the opportunity, the possibilities are immense.
From being the world’s number two Internet site on advertising (their claim), they could transform themselves into India’s largest blog – and perhaps one of the top few thousand in the world.
Why not? They already have a base of users, they’ve built the community, they have the advertising, and they are, to tens of thousands, a habit.
And on the print front, Hindustan Times now has the e-mail id of the journo responsible for each article at the end of the piece – making something as one-dimensional as a newspaper significantly (theoretically) more interactive. At least HT has given readers (and their journalists) the opportunity. View this development in conjunction with their web play, and HT is getting future ready.
We live in interesting times – and pigsandwings will be watching developments closely.

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