Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rd ths n lol!

I can’t understand half the text messages that I receive from my daughter, thanks to her use of text-speak as opposed to the Queen’s English. Now it’s creeping into e-mail messages, and it gets on my nerves. And I keep worrying about Gen M’s inability to spell, about what impact this would have on their writing abilities, on the literature of the future, on the newspapers of the future, on any damn thing in the future that uses the written word.
In India, Aroon Purie saw the future, and launched Headlines Today, a news channel that seemingly understood the attention deficiency of today’s youth. Short stories, crisply delivered, in distinct youth-speak. And I marveled, at the time of launch, at the positioning that Purie had the vision to see. And the channel went nowhere.
Perhaps the problem is that Headlines Today went only halfway into the future. Maybe it should have been christened Hdlinz 2day.
No, I’m not joking.
Because the youth of today are so used to the abbreviated spellings that authorities in New Zealand are allowing students to use sms-speak in their examinations.
Told you I wasn’t joking – read about it on CNN’s site.
And lol!

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