Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Brand Equity goes kite flying

All these quotes from this morning’s lead story in Brand Equity on Omnicom’s plans in India. One possible take out: no one in the advertising business in India, many CEOs included, goes on the record.
Another possible take out: BE is on the world’s greatest kite flying trip.

I underline: all these quotes from ONE story.

“Mehra – who is rumoured to have made over 10 visits to India…”
Sources have spotted Balki and Singh in deep discussions more than once…”
Sources tell us that if this deal goes through…”
Sources close to both men say that their asking price is stiff…”
“Summed up by an advertising CEO thus…”
“The best option, we are told by sources close to the negotiations…”
“The plan, we hear…”
We are given to understand that John…”
Sources point out that John had almost gone into retirement…”
Sources close to the deal say that it is unlikely that the Swamys will sell…”
“Many believe, Omnicom’s biggest challenge…”
“It is believed that bringing Omnicom into India…”
“Omnicom is believed to have approached Sam Balsara…”
“The CEO of another media specialist believes…”
“They don’t have a first mover advantage….”, he says.
“We understand that also on the radar could be…”
“Mehra, we are given to understand…”
There is talk, that in addition to Mehra…”
“Is believed to be poised to move to Omnicom…”
“It’s believed that Mehra has been so regular a visitor…”
“Many believe that Omnicom may be averse…”
“ The last option (which we are told is actually a non-starter) is the hottest rumour in town…”
“We are told that Omnicom is determined…

A few pigsandwings questions:


Queen of Speculation said...

I didnt start the fire.

Anant Rangaswami said...

what fire?!

Kalyan said...

A typical case of a journo made a complete sucker of. Poor guy!

Anant Rangaswami said...

The worry, to me, is: where are the checks and balances?